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Markup: HTML Tags and Formatting

Headings Header one Header two Header three Header four Header five Header six Blockquotes Single line blockquote: Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Multi line blockquote with a cite reference: The HTML <blockquote> Element (or HTML Block Quotation Element) indicates that the enclosed text is an extended quotation. Usually, this is rendered visually by indentation (see Notes […]

Markup: Title With Special Characters ~`...

Putting special characters in the title should have no adverse effect on the layout or functionality. Special characters in the post title have been known to cause issues with JavaScript when it is minified, especially in the admin when editing the post itself (ie. issues with metaboxes, media upload, etc.). Latin Character Tests This is […]

Día Internacional de la Mujer

Danza Paraguaya FM Stylo

¿Qué pasó el 8 de marzo de 1857? El incendio de una fábrica de camisas de Nueva York en el que murieron 146 personas marcó la lucha por los derechos de la mujer Dos integrantes de un piquete durante la huelga de las camiseras de Nueva York de 1909, precedente del Día Internacional de la […]